Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ride for the Red Poker Run

redcross The American Red Cross of Lenoir County sponsored a poker run in Kinston on Saturday April 26th and we decided to join the ride.


The ride started at the Neuseway Nature Park on Caswell Street in Kinston, NC.  The first bike out was to leave at 12:00.

Dscf8137a We arrived a little early after a 75 mph bypass run from New Bern to Kinston.  The Ultra runs effortlessly at that speed but Debbie and I prefer a slower pace.


We had a few minutes to spare so we took a walk around to see what the park had to offer. 



Time to go....


First stop Saleena Pizza and Subs.
Just had to get a couple of shots of the unusual Victory Vision which was in the run.

Shot two...

100_1116a Stop two is Country Jeff's.  While I started off with a decent hand it all went downhill from here.
Dscf8168a I've seen the headlight in catalogs but this is the first one up close.  I kinda' like it.
Lined up for a card and something to drink.

This is stop three at the Blue Ribbon on 70 east.
This Sporty is done up right.
Fire Fighter Edition Glide.

And the last stop is El Azteca in Kinston.  Wonderful staff and some of the best Mexican food I have tried.  It reminds me of the food I had in El Paso.
They served the food family style for this hungry bunch.  They had plenty of door prizes, we even won some chrome polish and a table top grill. 

scIt was a good ride with perfect weather and we met some new folks from the Southern Cruisers Riding Club out of  Goldsboro. They seem to have something going on every weekend.


We decided to head back through Trenton and had to stop by the newly renovated Brock's Mill.  We had been by several times in the past months but there was no water over the dam because of the drought.  Caught it right this time.  With another 140 miles on the Ultra she seems to run even better.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

2nd Annual Relay for Life Charity Ride

Word spread quickly about this event which was sponsored by the Stonewall United Methodist Church Relay Team. The ride was in honor of Doug Carey, cancer survivor and motorcycle rider.

Dscf7974a Stonewall is a small community located just east of Bayboro, NC on Hwy 55.  The ride started at 11:00 on Saturday and we arrived in Stonewall at 10:05.  There were quite a few bikes already in line.  The weather could not have been better with the sky sunny and the temperature well on it's way to eighty degrees.  At last count there were just over 100 bikes in the group. 

RFL There were several cancer survivors in the crowd including a four year old child.  The money raised will go to research to help fight the disease.

Go to  to learn more.


Some of you reading this don't know the area referred to as DC or Down in the County.   Pamlico County is a very rural county with some of the best, and under appreciated, scenic riding in the area.  We were getting ready to sample some of the best ribbons of asphalt the county has to offer.


It's 11:00 and everyone's ready to roll.

100_1086a It's hard to describe to what you feel and perceive when you are part of a large group ride like the sounds of motorcycle engines being revved and the smell of high octane gasoline in the exhaust.  But at this point in the ride I detected the distinct odor of burning rice.  


First stop, Goose Creek Pentecostal Holiness Church on Hwy 306 via Oriental.

Dscf8001a Out back there was an area set up with almost every type of baked goods one could imagine.  The soft drinks and water were a big hit.  All jackets are off and it's t-shirt weather!

100_1070aThis stop was the Goose Creek Island Community Center and Hobucken Post Office complex.  When we headed out from the previous stop we took a round-about path back to Olympia, through Cayton and Aurora.   I was getting thirsty and that water was really cold.

Dscf8017a All the colors and models you could imagine.  You can't help develop some customizing ideas when you see all the different styles.

100_1083aHere we exit the high rise bridge near Hobucken on the final leg back to Stonewall.  

route You may have noticed the lack of cars in the previous photos.  That's what makes the area so good.
Dscf8029a Did I mention just how good the food was? Well it was really good.  Plenty of pig along with potatoes, string beans, cole slaw rolls, dessert and an endless supply of sweet iced tea.  Pig and sweet tea..guess we must be south of that Mason-Dixon line.  

American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.

Dscf8038a Did I mention just how good the live entertainment was?  I give 'em five out of five.

DSCF8051 A great ride(door to door for us: 120 miles) with a lot of familiar faces, good weather, good food and great entertainment.  All things must end and it looks like Debbie is ready to head home.