Monday, June 23, 2008

Cee Bailey's SSC Windshield

I don't believe I have ever done a product review on the blog before.  Oh sure I've mentioned some equipment I've added and done some minor installation instructions but not a complete review, until now.
When we bought the Ultra it had the standard height windshield, which I assumed was the right one for me to use. I even got used to looking through the windshield which of course is not the correct setup.  A year and a half later I find a much better alternative.
It all started with a search for a better windshield.  Not just a replacement but something that had better performance.  Performance you ask?  From a windshield?  Why not?  In this day and time every item we touch is the resultant output from a design and engineering team of some sort.  As usual I did my research via the Internet utilizing my favorite resources such as and On several occasions I ran across the mention of a new windshield design by Cee Bailey's referred to as SSC.
Over at I find they are an aircraft plastics manufacturer and produce windshields for most any model bike.  I also discover that there is a special model windshield, referred to as SSC, for the FLHT line.  SSC...Super Step Contour,  sounds pretty cool and looks mildly radical.  Quite a departure from traditional windshields and it had me interested.
With the standard Harley windshield in place my line of sight was about an inch and a half, or so, below the top of the windshield.   Even with that height in front of me I always had mild to moderate buffeting at faster speeds and Debbie almost always had some buffeting at all speeds.  My goal was to find a solution so I could see over the windshield and minimize or eliminate buffeting at normal speeds of say sixty five or less.  And of course something that looks good is a plus.
Basic physics dictates that when air is forced aloft it will immediately begin to fall back.  Since the windshield forced air up over my helmet it made sense that it would fall behind me.  It did and that is where Debbie sits. With the factory windshield on the Ultra the passenger buffeting was actually worse than on the Sportster with no windshield.
DSCF8285 The Cee Bailey solution places the windshield closer to the rider and forces the air up while using a height less than that required by a standard design windshield.  It accomplishes this and uses the factory mount with no modifications.
It looks like a fairly normal, low, tinted wind screen from the front seen here installed on our 07 Ultra.
DSCF8287 When viewed from the back you still have the same thought: How does this thing work when it's like all the rest?

DSCF8286 Now you start to see how it works! 

It took about 5 minutes to remove the factory model and install the SSC and we immediately went out for a test ride.

We rode at several different speeds up to about 80 or so.  Debbie had no buffeting up to 65, very minimal buffeting after that and much more stable airflow at all speeds.  From my perspective seeing over the top is a huge plus and there is an increase in airflow around my helmet but without buffeting up to about 65.  After 65 the airflow is still better than with the factory windshield in place. Oddly enough it is quieter riding at speeds below 55.  I'm not sure how that happens but there is a noticeable difference. Part of that may be less turbulence around and just above my helmet.  I also like the way the SSC tends to enhance and extend the flowing lines of the fairing.

This is probably one of the best items we have added to the bike and we are both very pleased with the performance and appearance.  When you can add a fantastic enhancement for just over $100.00 it makes good sense.  Considering the factory standard windshield is $114.95 it makes for a great upgrade or replacement of a damaged windshield.  While not everyone will like the design we certainly do and it's one more thing to help stand out from the crowd.

MP HDSSC12"           1.000      1.000       0.000    $105.00       $105.00           FLHT SSC W/S 12" TALL
                                                      Net Invoice:      $105.00

                                                          Freight:       $12.75
                                                        Sales Tax:        $0.00
                                                            Total:      $117.75


Monday, June 9, 2008


countryBiscuit We start out by meeting at the Country Biscuit at 8:00.  A table was reserved for the hungry riders.  You really need to check out this restaurant if you're in the area.  Really good, southern style, home cooking.
We met up with these guys and figured what harm could they do.

Then these two show up and we knew we had trouble.
Did I mention it was hot and humid?  Just after 9:00AM and already 85 degrees.
DSCF0418a Since the temperature was to soar to nearly 100 degrees, the riders were leaving in smaller groups instead of waiting for everyone to register and line up.
100_1269a In route to our first stop...
DSCF0430a ....the Pamlico County Shrine Club. 
100_1272aOn the way to Beaufort we take the Minnesott/Cherry Branch Ferry.

DSCF0443a The lone shady spot at the ferry landing. With the temperature at 90 degrees and our wonderful humidity, this was a fantastic spot.
DSCF0452aWith the bikes loaded on the ferry we make the short trip across the Neuse River.  Light winds and minimal waves made an enjoyable trip.
Our journey to the second stop takes us over the Intra-Coastal Waterway on Hwy 101.
DSCF0472a We arrive at the Carteret County Shrine Club.  I was  wondering just how hot it was going to get, as were some other riders.
100_1304a Leaving the Carteret Shrine Club we take 101 into Beaufort and across the high rise bridge into Morehead City.
100_1317a From Morehead we take Hwy 24 through Cape Carteret then through Swansboro, one of my favorite coastal towns, and on to Jacksonville.
Did I mention it was hot?

100_1325a We arrive at the Onslow County Shrine Club and we are ready to take advantage of some air conditioning and a bite to eat.
DSCF0480a We caught up with the larger group here in Jacksonville since most of us were enjoying the food and cool air.
The next leg takes us to Kinston via Richlands.  Now I have to say that my back seat photographer does an excellent job.  But it was so hot I think she lost interest, so no road pictures from here on in.  Can't say I blame her.
Here inside the Lenoir County Shrine Club the riders were lined up for something cold to drink.  I wasn't too far back...
We left the Lenoir Shrine Club and make a quick gas stop just down the road.  Then we hit the four lane and the 70 MPH speed limit back to New Bern.  Needless to say we didn't run 55.  At 75 did I mention it was still hot?
We arrive at the New Bern Shrine Club at about 4:00 or so and the site of all the bikes lined up just has to make you smile.  If not then you're on the wrong blog site.
Inside there is plenty of delicious barbeque pork and chicken as well as live entertainment from Cold Biscuit.
And plenty of folks taking advantage of an excellent situation.

I heard a lot of people say that the food was much better this year compared to last year.  Certainly, since the Shriners prepared it themselves this time.  Many thanks go out to the New Bern, Carteret, Pamlico and Lenoir County clubs.  You allowed us to participate in this wonderful event, raise money for a much needed cause and have fun at the same time. 

Door to door for Debbie and myself was 195 miles.

Did I mention it was hot?

Shriners site


A collection of my favorite shots from the trip

DSCF0503a There was a bit of commotion over the "litterbox" under this impressive Road King. For the record I didn't see anything but for the right price I might be able to remember something about Goldwings...