Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Wedding at Fort Macon

Well Zack has gone and done it now. He is officially a married man. At around 4:30 on Saturday he crossed over into the area from which there is no return.....

We have known Zack since Adam attended Bridgeton Elementary School almost fifteen years ago. Then there was the third musketeer: Jarrod. There were many, many weekends that it was difficult to remember who was staying where. I guess you could say that they grew up in each others homes. Adam on the left, Zack in the middle and Jarrod on the right.

And yes it took some effort to arrange this picture some fifteen years later especially with what was going on. Adam on the left, Zack in the middle and Jarrod on the right.

Zack's hand picked groomsmen. I'd hate to run up on these guys in a dark alley.

Zack is the big, athletic, always smiling kinda' guy and obviously has very good taste in women. This is his beautiful bride, Jenny. She would be beautiful even if she wasn't a bride.

It all started with the Groomsmen "seating" the guests. Since the wedding was on the beach the walk was a little strenuous for some. The groomsman were wearing matching two piece outfits consisting of khaki trousers and un-tucked white shirts.

Standing room only was the case as 4:00 approached.

The bride was escorted down the isle by her father and stepfather. Pretty cool.

At this point things were getting serious. This was Zack's last chance to pray for an escape route or thunderstorm. All exits were blocked and the sun was shining.

The beauty of the occasion, both scenery and participants, made for a most memorable occasion.

Shot one of the five most important wedding shots.

Zack places the ring on her finger.

Shot two....

Jenny places the ring on his finger.

Shot three.....

The final prayer before the big moment.

Shot four.....

The big kiss!

Shot five.....

I present Mr. and Mrs Schultz.

The new couple is all smiles at the conclusion of the ceremony.

The wedding party and family.

The reception at Atlantic Beach.

Yes, we say grace in the South.

We say grace and we say mam
and if you ain't into that we don't give a damn.
-Hank Williams, Jr.-

We've loved Zack for many, many years (he's easy to love) and wish he and his new bride, Jenny, a long a happy life together!


Monday, June 25, 2007

We don't have a medium??

Just what the hell is going on in this world? One of my previous posts covered the fact that some fast food restaurants no longer have a small size drink on the menu and how that really irks me. But now it seems Pizza Hut wants to further confuse the masses by doing away with their medium sized beverage container.

Debbie goes to Pizza Hut this afternoon to order lunch and at the counter orders a medium sweet tea. The lady responded, "Honey, they took away our medium size; all we got is a little one or a big one." Well the little one is actually equal in size to a medium so here we go with killing the small yet again.

Let's compare what we know. One place has a medium and a large but no small. The other has a small and a large but no medium but the new small is equal to the old medium. What are these corporations trying to accomplish? Has there been a price increase that they are passing along? Is this a new twist on the super size/biggie crap that has been going on for years? "It's a better deal when you order the combo." Yeah and another 500 calories of which 300 are fat. "Can I have my coupon for 10 percent off an arterial stint? And while you're at it, will you get me a small sweet tea?"

"Good afternoon. Welcome to Wendy's."

"I'd like a single with cheese, small fry and a small Coke."

"Sir if you make it a combo you save like 50 cents."

"What's the difference?"

"You get a medium fry and a medium drink with the single."

"For less money?"

"50 cents less."

"You're lying."

"Did you just call me a liar?"

"No, I said you were lying. There is a difference."

"Oh. OK. Would you like the combo?"

"Can I get it with a small drink?"

"We only have a medium and a large."

"I want a small. How about you give me a medium that's half full."

"I think my headset battery is going dead."

This just in......Hardee's has a small, medium and a large!

What the..!

Don't take this wrong (if you're reading this article then it most likely doesn't apply to you anyway) but there is a small percentage of the population that is just, what's politically correct here, oh the hell with it, stupid. Plain and simple dumb asses when it comes to maneuvering a motor vehicle. I am reminded of a saying from years ago: "Ignorance can be cured through education while stupid is forever." Here's my shirt!

A few weeks back Debbie and I were riding to Morehead. We were in fairly heavy traffic just east of Newport. For the past few miles a yellow Mustang, about ten years old, had been bouncing ahead and behind in the left lane. I had also noticed that the car did not have the normal passenger side mirror on the door. It's not that the mirror was broken it just did not have one and no sign on the door that it ever did. Sure enough, in a few minutes a quick right merge was initiated with no signal, warning or glance to the right. Thank goodness Harley put dual rotors on the front wheel and I have a habit of covering the brakes in close traffic. It wasn't a panic maneuver on our part since we had noticed the twitchy buffoon but it was still surprising.

I am riding in the right half of the left lane at 35 miles an hour on a city street and there is a blue Ford in the right lane about 15 feet in front. The brake lights go on and an immediate shift to the left is started. I quickly counter steer to the left and apply both brakes. The idiot has yet to see me. Now I know I was very visible to the driver since I had the dual spot lights on as well as the headlight. I could also clearly see the driver, or a portion of, in the cars mirror. Maybe it was the fact that the driver created a blind spot for himself with his hand and his cell phone to his left ear. I guess he couldn't apply the turn signal since his left hand was holding the stinking phone.

I am leaving Wal-Mart on a Saturday morning about 11:00 riding the Ultra. In the parking lot in front of the store I make a right to go to the highway exit. A woman in a white Cadillac begins backing out of a space in front of me about 40 feet away. She glances to her right and we make eye contact but she continues to back out. She has difficulty maneuvering the land yacht and initiates some kind of three point road turn. Why the difficulty you may ask? It seems she is doing all this with one hand because SHE IS ON THE FRIGGIN' PHONE! I swear if the phone is to the ear then the brain must be in neutral. If Harley-Davidson had a handle bar mount activation button for a grenade launcher, Wal-Mart would be having a pool accessories sale around a small pond in the parking lot this morning.

On a recent ride we were following some Gold Wings that just happened to be leading the group. As we approached Pamlico county they must have changed lanes five times in two minutes and could not maintain a steady speed, 60 to 40 and back to 55 and then almost make a panic stop to start a turn. It was becoming obvious that we were being led by someone that rides maybe 500 miles a year. Then at a stop light the leaders accelerated hard to make the light. To hell with the rest of the pack that was following. Debbie asked from the passenger seat: "What is their problem?" Needless to say with a knowing glance from Chad and Lynn we left the Wingers to navigate on their own. Since a Honda gets good gas mileage they may still be aimlessly meandering down the back roads in Pamlico county.

Friday, June 22, 2007

We don't have a small!

You go to a fast food joint and you order a small drink. "I'm sorry we don't have a small. Will a medium be OK?"

Hell no a medium won't be OK. I want a small and the cup you have with the lowest capacity is your small. You can't have a medium without a small. If medium is your smallest size then in fact, that is your small. Having a medium infers you have a small and a large or at least a small'un and uh big'un.

I would like to go south. "I'm sorry we don't have a south. Would a north be OK?" I don't think so. I was told not to trust anyone that lived north of Elizabeth City.

What really bugs me is even at the Bojangles drive through they don't get it. Now don't get me wrong, I think Bojangles is one of the best fast food places around since they do "specialize" in Southern cuisine. The drive through menu board clearly shows a small, medium and large and yet I was asked this morning if a medium was OK. It was early, I was in a good mood and all I wanted was my sausage and cheese biscuit with a small sweet tea, so no I didn't go there. One day I'll have the mystery voice on the other end of the menu board come outside and look at the word small listed in neat plastic letters for all to see. Or maybe I'll just ask for some imported, dried tea leaf beverage in the liquid refreshment container of the lowest capacity that you have in stock. I'll bet I get to talk to the Manager that morning. I hope it doesn't go on my permanent record.

One final thing comes to mind. Why is McDonald's so proud of the fact that they sell sweet tea. I'm well aware that sweet tea is a southern thing so why does McDonald's in New Bern have a "We Sell Sweet Tea" banner that takes up almost one side of the building? Most folks I know have homemade sweet tea in the fridge at home. I think I'll put up a sign at home that says "We Have Water!" Maybe Mickey Dee's would be interested in my fifteen or so half bottles of hot sauce, a partial loaf of whole wheat bread and some freshly cooked barbecued pork. Sure would pair up nicely with some of that sweet iced tea.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


In case you didn't know, you can leave comments on this site. At the bottom of each post there is a legend that contains a comments link.

Click on comments and then you will see a screen like this.

You can leave a comment and either use your name, use an alias or be anonymous. Either way I would appreciate some feed back or just a hello. I have received a few and even some via email. It helps me stay on track and gives me ideas for future posts. I would also like to add some posts by other authors so if you have something let me know. Not to mention any names but Lynn are you listening?

We are attending a wedding on the beach at Fort Macon on Saturday. Sounds like a great photo op to me. Our youngest son's friend from first grade to present is getting married and then heading overseas. Good luck and God bless. Pictures coming soon.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ridin' Home

We had a lot to do this weekend so we didn't have the chance to put any miles on the Ultra so I was looking forward to the morning commute.

I left for work this morning at 7:00AM. It was a little cool at 67 degrees but quite enjoyable.

After work I headed to the gym to pay a little extra penance for my diversion to Bojangles at lunch and then headed home.

Just after the Pembroke exit traffic came to a slow crawl all the way to the pinnacle of the high rise bridge. Once by the remnants of the accident it was 60 mph and home in the sights.

At 82 degrees, 60 mph, feet on the highway pegs, and the 96 incher comfortably in sixth gear it was absolute heaven. The day was coming to a close and the sunset was beginning to appear in the rear view mirrors.

I'm sure it was another A + sunset over New Bern.

But to top it off, as if it could get any better, track 100 on the MP3 disc started up with a Doobie Brothers tune: Black Water. Remember the part that goes "And I aint got no worries
cause I aint in no hurry at all" ?

At that point in time it was so true.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Favorite Photographs

Most of us have a camera and have several favorite shots we have taken over the years. The picture may be slightly out of focus and gives that hint of softness. It may be that harshly back lit shot that gives the unexpected but quite impressive silhouette. A favorite shot doesn't have to be photographically perfect or even close but it does have to be that special person, place or thing that gets the memories running. I have many favorite photos and the majority of these were intentional but there are numerous ones that were accidental. To me a picture captures that one fleeting instant in time and if it's not captured, it's gone. I thought I would share some of my personal favorites and include a short description with each. I hope you enjoy.

New Beginnings
Union Point, New Bern, NC

Some mornings I leave for work a little early just to see things like this. It sure starts the day off right.

Watching For Pirates
East Front Street, New Bern, NC

As a young boy I read all I could on pirates. I can almost see the Queen Anne's Revenge with sails set in this shot.

Sunlight Down The Hallway
Chowan County, NC

I can remember the sunlight down the hallway and the smell of fried chicken.

Storm a Comin'
Bridgeton, NC

June of '06 when an unusually strong cold front blew through very fast.

Trenton, NC

I rode by this lake near Trenton hundreds of times over the years in a car and never stopped. We were riding the motorcycle one day when Debbie pointed. We turned around....

Fishin' Buddy
Winston-Salem, NC

This is our son Allan's Wolf/Shepard mix Reka (short for Eureka).

Bitten By The Electra Glide Bug
Cripple Creek, Colorado

Mike (tall guy on right) and I rented a couple of Electra Glides while we were in Colorado. That's why I own one today.

Winston-Salem, NC

This was a late evening shot and I enhanced the natural colors a bit with Photo Shop.

Mr. Cooper
Cooper's Hawk
Craven County, NC

This was in the fall of 05. We were mulching leaves with the riding mower and the hawk would swoop down periodically and grab lizards and insects. He didn't seem to mind us a bit.

City Hall
New Bern, NC

I always liked the architecture of the old building, inside and out. This was a 12 second exposure one fall evening in 2005.

Lawson Creek, New Bern, NC

This is one of those shots that screamed out "Take me."

Ghost Ship
Union Point, New Bern, NC

I was ridng accross the bridge one morning and noticed the massive fog bank. The fog bank open up for about 15 seconds and revealed this sailboat giving me time to take five shots. Never saw it again. Hmm.

A Quiet Night
East Front Street, New Bern, NC

This is a 15 second exposure due to the low level of lighting and it returned an incredible amount of richness.

Christmas Cactus

In 2006 it was fairly warm right up until early December. This was the last day the Christmas Cactus was on the back porch. The blooms are really small and I couldn't resist a little macro action.